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“Two” by Erri De Luca



When we’ll be two, we’ll be like sleep and watch,

we’ll sink in the same flesh, like the milk tooth and its successor,

we’ll be two like the waters, the fresh and the salt one,

like the skies, nocturnal and diurnal,

two like the feet, the eyes, the kidneys,

like the heart beat times and the breath blows.

When we’ll be two, we’ll have no halves,

we’ll be a two that nothing can divide.

When we’ll be two, nobody will be one,

one will be the equal of no one,

the unity will consist of the two.

When we’ll be two

we’ll change the name even the UNIverse,

it will become TWOverse.


Quando saremo due saremo veglia e sonno,

affonderemo nella stessa polpa

come il dente di latte e il suo secondo,

saremo due come sono le acque, le dolci e le salate,

come i cieli, del giorno e della notte,

due come sono i piedi, gli occhi, i reni, 

come i tempi del battito

i colpi del respiro.

Quando saremo due non avremo metà

saremo un due che non si può dividere con niente.

Quando saremo due, nessuno sarà uno,

uno sarà l’uguale di nessuno

e l’unità consisterà nel due.

Quando saremo due

cambierà nome pure l’universo

diventerà diverso.

Laduck and street art by Laduck-crew

Laduck_crew comes up from a common passion for street art of a group of boys that since 1999 makes its creed of urban decoration.
It started first as a logo depicting a stylized duck, and then evolved along with several acronyms.
Despite what keeps his philosophy of painting not based on graffiti as an end in itself or an indelible mark on the territory,
it has a moral duty: to pull with our own designs a smile on people, too accustomed to the gray of their cities.
Laduck_crew, just like a real animal, is born, grows and develops, just passing by graffiti movement to incorporating a broader field: graphics, sets, VJ sets and fashion. If you start looking around, you’ll find it in Italy, Spain, France, England, Brazil and USA.
Unfortunately, one always looks around without being able to see anything.
Laduck_crew nasce da una grande passione comune per la street art di un gruppo di ragazzi che dal 1999 fà della decorazione urbana il proprio credo. Essa si sviluppa prima come logo, raffigurante una papera stilizzata, e poi evolverà assieme a diversi acronimi. 

Nonostante ciò, mantiene sempre la sua filosofia del dipingere che non si basa sul graffittismo fine a se stesso come un marchio indelebile sul territorio, ma come un dovere morale: poter strappare con i propri disegni un sorriso alle persone, fin troppo abituate al grigio delle loro città.
Laduck_crew, proprio come un vero e proprio animale, nasce, cresce e si sviluppa, passando dai soli graffiti a un movimento dal più ampio respiro inglobando a se anche: grafica, scenografia, vj set e moda. Se guardi bene, la potrai trovare in Italia, Spagna, Francia, Inghilterra, Brazile e USA.
Purtroppo si guarda sempre tutto non riuscendo mai a vedere niente.

getting ready for Erri in U.S….

The Italian “Theater Critics National  Association” has awarded the 2011 Critic’s Prize to Erri De Luca’s stage  play “In viaggio con Aurora”  (travelling with Aurora), which the author also starred in.
 ”The award to  De Luca’s beautiful work,” recites the motivation, “it’s in recognition of the unbearable lightness of his writing and the effortless “sliding”  of expression from page to stage, a masterful  transfer that  applies on the play’s text  a new slate af  sense and immediacy.”
Erri, we love you!

Silvia, Ricky and the Italian Cinema organized by Cinecitta’ Luce with the American Cinematheque


“November’s on the way, together with a new edition of Cinema Italian Style. Now at its eight year, the festival, which will run from November 11 to the 15, continues the commitment to present the best of Italian film to American audiences, featuring many unreleased pieces of work, and a tribute to world-wide famous producer Dino De Laurentiis, who died a year ago. Among the guests on the red carpet of The Egyptian Theater on November 11 are Emanuele Crialese, with his Italian selection to the Academy Award for best foreign language film “Terraferma”, Terry Gilliam, with an exclusive preview of his latest film “The Wholly Family” shot entirely in Naples and produced by Italian pasta company Garofalo, and many more. Eleven films of different genres, will be shown during the five days of the festival, together with various appointments promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, all hosted by long-time film journalist in Italy and godmother of the festival Silvia Bizio.”  

Ricky Tognazzi, son of Italian legendary actor Ugo Tognazzi, will present during Cinema Italian Style his film “Il padre e lo straniero”. Due to work in Italy, he will not be able to reach us in L.A., but composer Carlo Siliotto and singer Haaz Sleiman will represent him and will perform live the title song “Nour Enayyi” (Light of my eyes)