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“Stars do the night shift” project presented at the “Trento Film Festival”


Erri De Luca and Adriano Giannini entertained us talking about friendship, mountains and the passionate story “Stars do the night shift”. The shooting will start this summer on the DOLOMITI…we can’t wait to see it!

A special THANK  to Laura, our wonderful host.

P & S

Another amazing exibition of Lois Anvidalfarei in Innsbruck Austria


For our European friends, a MUST SEE exhibition of the famous Ladin artist, that can speak to the world…

“Anvidalfarei is in my eyes one of the few great representers of the human body, which he, like the English artist Lucien Freud, experiences as every particular case demands in all its powerful physicality. His praxis is neither idealistic, nor, when one views the tradition of the twentieth century, committed to a rigid form, but takes the observation of what stands before him as the starting point from which to develop a feeling for material weight, while at the very same time articulating a “celebration of the upright gait.”

Prof. Peter Weiermair 


picures by Daniel Töchterle