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WIF Speaker Series with Rena Ronson


Join us next Monday, 4/1: WIF Speaker Series with Rena Ronson.


WIF Speaker Series
Rena Ronson, Co-Head, Independent Film Group
April 1st
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Planet Dailies
6333 West 3rd St.
The Grove
Rena Ronson Large

Rena Ronson is co-head of the Independent Film Group at leading talent and literary agency UTA. One of the industry’s pre-eminent packaging and finance executives in independent film, Ronson is focused on developing global film finance, distribution and marketing strategies for independent and co-financed studio features.
Ronson also oversees an indie group known for packaging and/or representing many of the highest-profile and critically-praised independently-financed films from a diverse range of American and international filmmakers.

The WIF Speaker Series allows attendees to interact with our special guests, WIF members, and WIF program chairs in a friendly and social atmosphere.  Come and meet your peers, eat delicious food and widen your networks in the industry!