Dolomiti &…Erri De Luca!

 Production, Promotion, Entertainment, Networking: living between Laguna Beach, Rome and the rest of the world, sharing the  amazing adventures and precious findings that life between different cultures and experiences brings to us. 

In 2012 we produced the short movie “Il Turno di Notte lo Fanno le Stelle” (The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars) written by Erri De Luca and directed by Edoardo Ponti shoot  in the Dolomites. Actors are Nastassja Kinski, Julian Sands and Enrico Lo Verso. The movie is accompanied by the documentary “Open Air Conversations” in which Erri discuss with our friends, including some of the best climbers in the world, the mountains and the importance of organ donation. What an exciting short and documentary…enlightenment and fun! And…we won the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL!  Now, OHPEN Italia is giving the opportunity to part of our partners, to enlarge our expertise in the European world, with beautiful projects like “Trees that walk”…

The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars

TribecaLaurel               ClevelandLaurel                                      PalmSpringLaurel


Other Awards and Nominations

Short listed at the Oscars Academy Awards 2013 for Short Film (Live Action)

Winner of Capri Short Cut Award

Nominated at Prospettive Award Rome Film Festival

Winner of Special Silver Ribbon from Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalist

Follow us and you will discover other amazing journeys that are making our (and we hope yours too…) life so special…grazie!         



 Paola Porrini Bisson

 Chad Brokaw

 Christine Bren


Mauro Calevi

Daniela Ricciardi Serafino de Conciliis mob. +39 392/4593441

Valentina Girasole mob. +39 331/1740615

Maria Luisa Lafiandra

Eleonora Furlani


Alle Hsu



photo by Daniel Mordzinski


"Collaborazioni"OH!PEN ItaliaOH!PEN Italiachad brokaw 2013-10-14 at 6.14.48 PMchristine_jerryAlle Hsu


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  1. Loving the photos. My name is Donna Marie. I am a published author of two novels, Love for Angela and We Can Love Again. Each of these novels are based on characters of Italian heritage. Being Italian myself, I found it comfortable to write such stories. Many of my readers have commented and reviewed that my characters are so real, they feel they can pick up the phone and call them. For this reason, I hope that in the future, one of my books come to life in film. Perhaps I will get to California some day. I’m a midwest working mom of four sons and quite busy with family and writing, my two favorite things.

    • Ciao Donna Marie! Welcome to our blog…we have a week spot for writers, because…we love them! So, let’s keep an eye to each others…buon pomeriggio!

  2. Congratulations on your fabolous blog! Grazie a voi signore belle e sorridenti, che fate conoscere la nostra cultura e la nostra letteratura nella West Coast. Un caro saluto da Firenze!

  3. Definitily life has mysterious ways. I am fan of Wim Wenders work (as a photographer and movie director)and of course fan of Nastassja Kinski too. Searching for news of her I found this site and ITDNFLS project last month. Immediately this kept my attention and can’t wait to see the film (if possible in spanish). But there’s more. I found a really wonderful writer behind the story; Erri De Luca. So, I went to the bookstore in Argentina (my country), and purchased one book. And another and so on.
    Congratulations of made possible this miracle named “The nightshift belongs to the night”.
    I wish the best for both you and your site.



  4. Thank you! We are curious to see your work too! Meanwhile, the premiere of “The nightshift belongs to the stars” will be at the Festval Internazionale del Cinema of Rome the 10th of November. It will be with Spanish subtitles too for th Festival of Italian Cinema in Madrid at the end of November…Erri is translated in Spanish and published by Seix Barral: he is an amazing writer, an amazing friend.

    • Grazie!
      About my work; I am an engineer but I have a lot of “artistic” passions or hobbies if you prefer. I love literature, music and photography. I can’t even think of living without those arts. They’re my way of see the world and life.
      I have a little work taking pictures that you could see at this link:

      Best regards,


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