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Breakfast at 09.00 am


Colazione in stile tutto italiano prima di cominciare a lavorare…

Buona Giornata a tutti!!!

 [photo by Eleonora Furlani]

Breakfast in a very italian style at 09.00 o’clock before starting working…




Crazy Horse and RED? Christian Loboutin!

Twenty years after launching his famous red-soles shoes, this amazing French designer has created four original “tableaux” that run from March 5 at the Crazy Horse, Avenue George V in Paris, for the new review “Feu” (Fire). The essence of Loboutin  incorrigible enthusiasm is his ability to create desire:

“I started staying out late at a very early age. At the Palace, but I also spent a lot of time at the theatre and music hall, because no one asked for a ticket after the interval. I saw lots of music hall. When you like a show and see it several times, it becomes more interesting. In terms of dancing, I started at the Folies Bergere, but now I go to the Crazy to be surrounded by dancers, who are refreshing down-to-earth in this very demanding world. So you could say that 30 years on, I’m creating what I saw at the Folies Bergere, but wasn’t able to do then. I’m loving it. At the Crazy Horse, they have a unique eye for detail.”

“After 20 years, I still feel like I’m starting a new adventure. My enthusiasm is intact. I’m more curious than ambitious, more happy than curious, and very enthusiastic…of course!”