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Interesting info for our Documentary Filmmakers friends!


Documentary Lab | Film Independent.

What is the Documentary Lab?

Designed to help filmmakers who are currently in post-production on their feature-length documentary films, the Documentary Lab is an intensive seven-week program that runs in Los Angeles in March and April. The Lab’s focus is twofold: (1) provide creative feedback and story notes to the selected filmmakers; and (2) help filmmakers strategize the completion, distribution, and marketing of their film.

Additionally, the program serves to advance the careers of the Lab Fellows by introducing them to film professionals who can advise them on both the craft and business of documentary filmmaking. Lab Fellows have several guest-speaker sessions with established documentary filmmakers – directors, producers, and editors – and other industry professionals…….and more check their web site!

Julian Sands in…A Celebration of Harold Pinter


We love Julian Sands! His interpretation in “The nightshift belongs to the stars” has been amazing…we can’t wait to see him this Saturday in LA…

Julian Sands in…A Celebration of Harold Pinter – Actors Art Theatre – Los Angeles – – Los Angeles

Movie Romance Gone Real: our Director and Sasha Alexander!


Insight :: Movie Romance Gone Real: Edoardo Ponti and Sasha Alexander :: Los Angeles Confidential Magazine.



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An interesting LA evening…



After a long day in Los Angeles with Silvia, I “challenged”  the one hour drive back home, with a smile, even though a tired one, ready to enjoy the chatter of NPR’s evening.

We spent the previous two hours to a meeting organized from the “Independent Film”, where the two very cool Sundance Film Festival Senior Programmer John Nein  and Shorts Programmer Mike Plante answered patiently to a series of questions…programming philosophy, what type of movies they look for, dispel some myths, and suggest some do’s and don’ts when submitting your project., and more and more.

After listening to all this, to take the 405 HWY and having the fortune to listen again other incredible human beings speaking about  a list of 888 books that they assembled, it’s a gift that I would like to share with you.

Click on the link below… Happy listening, and for me … goodnight!

How Books Shaped The American National Identity : NPR.