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Thank you Julian! A Celebration of Harold Pinter


An evening of vibrant emotions in Livermore (California), thanks to this stirring tribute to Harold Pinter, shaped by the powerful voice of Julian Sands.

“I know the place.

It is true.

Everything we do

Corrects the space

Between death and me

And you.”

Harold Pinter

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center | A Celebration of Harold Pinter – Friday, November 22, 2013 8:00PM.

What’s actually interesting about the Italian cinema


Mettetevi comodi e preparatevi ad andare al cinema; il governo ha finalmente deciso di dare un po di spazio al cinema italiano che, a causa della crisi ha subito duri colpi negli ultimi tempi, o ha riferito il premier Enrico Letta, i finanziamenti del tax credit saranno disponibili per il 2014/2015 ed ha sottolineato: “è molto importante per far si’ che’ il nostro paese continui ad attrarre produzioni cinematografiche”. Il decreto legge approvato dal Consiglio dei ministri prevede che per il tax credit cinema sia garantita la cifra di 90 milioni di euro.

Non una soluzione miracolosa quindi, ma finalmente una boccata d’aria fresca per le produzioni abituate a budjet “estremi”.


A very interesting “old” article about an amazing actor: our friend Mark!


Now Mark lives in Laguna Beach and he is working with OH!PEN on several international projects…stay tuned!

20th-Century Pox – Page 1 – Arts – Minneapolis – City Pages.

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Julian Sands in…A Celebration of Harold Pinter


We love Julian Sands! His interpretation in “The nightshift belongs to the stars” has been amazing…we can’t wait to see him this Saturday in LA…

Julian Sands in…A Celebration of Harold Pinter – Actors Art Theatre – Los Angeles – – Los Angeles

getting ready for Erri in U.S….

The Italian “Theater Critics National  Association” has awarded the 2011 Critic’s Prize to Erri De Luca’s stage  play “In viaggio con Aurora”  (travelling with Aurora), which the author also starred in.
 ”The award to  De Luca’s beautiful work,” recites the motivation, “it’s in recognition of the unbearable lightness of his writing and the effortless “sliding”  of expression from page to stage, a masterful  transfer that  applies on the play’s text  a new slate af  sense and immediacy.”
Erri, we love you!