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Savannah Film Festival


Soon OH!PEN will be at the Savannah Film Festival with the Nightshift belong to the stars, directed by Edoardo Ponti and based on an original story by Erri De Luca with Enrico Lo Verso, Julian Sands and Nastassja Kinski. We’ll inform you about all the news of the festival! 

Image information at: http://filmfest.scad.edu/

Julian Sands in…A Celebration of Harold Pinter


We love Julian Sands! His interpretation in “The nightshift belongs to the stars” has been amazing…we can’t wait to see him this Saturday in LA…

Julian Sands in…A Celebration of Harold Pinter – Actors Art Theatre – Los Angeles – plays411.com – Los Angeles

The last rains…


La pioggia di questi giorni cancella le nostre tracce dalla montagna. Anche il ricordo si annebbia: ci siamo davvero stati su per i monti a fare il nostro cortometraggio?

Sicuro, ci sono 12 ore di girato che da oggi Edoardo Ponti comincia a montare a Los Angeles. Buon lavoro Edoardo, aspettiamo il tuo film per ritrovarci insieme.
The last rains wiped out the traces of our stay in the mountains. Even the memory is fading away: have we ever been up on the mountains to shoot our short movie?
Sure we were, there are 12 hours of shooting that since today Edoardo Ponti starts editing in Los Angeles. Good job Edoardo, we wait for your movie to meet again.

The Dolomites have been good to us!


Yesterday last day of shooting for the film “Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle” (The Night shift is covered by the stars) and the last take was given by the mountain, with a storm which sent the whole team into the dressing room: it was only fitting that the mountain would write the word “The End” to this lucky film.  Last climbing steps by Nastassja Kinski on the Dolomites: the lightest ones so far. Post production will take place in Los Angeles under the direction of Edoardo Ponti, and the mix Pacific Ocean/Dolomites will be worthy of fireworks! Welcome back home to Edoardo, Nastassja, Julian, Enrico. Erri remains in the Dolomites.

The first day…


After a quick bout of  hail and rain the sky opened and the sun came through to give its welcome to the short, “The Night Shift is Covered by the Stars, which started shooting today on the mountains of Val di Fassa, in the Dolomites. Director Edoardo Ponti braved the cold of the early morning to direct actor Enrico Lo Verso and writer Erri De Luca, whose wonderful story about two people embarking on a hopeful journey to health after serious heart operations, gave birth to this wonderful project. The film will continue shooting all week in Trentino, where Julian Sands will join the rest of the cast and crew, before wrapping on July 10th. And tomorrow, Nastassja Kinski will shoot her first day while climbing a “ferrata”, a difficult mountain trail, in preparation for the final climb the characters embark towards the top.. stay tuned for more from the set of “Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle!”

(photos to follow from the first day of shooting)


Edoardo Ponti and Nastassja Kinski