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Thank you Julian! A Celebration of Harold Pinter


An evening of vibrant emotions in Livermore (California), thanks to this stirring tribute to Harold Pinter, shaped by the powerful voice of Julian Sands.

“I know the place.

It is true.

Everything we do

Corrects the space

Between death and me

And you.”

Harold Pinter

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center | A Celebration of Harold Pinter – Friday, November 22, 2013 8:00PM.

“Stars do the night shift” project presented at the “Trento Film Festival”


Erri De Luca and Adriano Giannini entertained us talking about friendship, mountains and the passionate story “Stars do the night shift”. The shooting will start this summer on the DOLOMITI…we can’t wait to see it!

A special THANK  to Laura, our wonderful host.

P & S


Handbook for a New Year’s Eve Toast

Erri De Luca translated by Jim Hicks

I drink to the people on duty, on the train, in hospitals,
kitchens, hotels, on the radio, at the foundry,
at sea, on a plane, on the highway,
and to those who get past this night where no one calls,
I drink to the next moon, to the pregnant girl,
to people who make a promise, to the people who kept it,
to whoever paid the bill, to whoever is paying it now,
and to the people who weren’t invited anywhere,
to the foreigner who’s learning our language,
to the people who study music, to people who can tango,
to whoever stood and gave up their seat,
to those unable to stand, and to those who are blushing,
to the people who read Dickens, and to people who cry at movies,
to people who protect the forests, to people who put out fires,
to the people who’ve lost everything and then start over again,
to the teetotaler who lifts his glass with the rest,
and to you who are nothing to the person you love,
to people who are teased and one day will be heroes,
to people who forget insults, and to people who smile in photos,
to people who go on foot, to people who learn to go barefoot,
to people who give back, from that which they’ve received,
to people who don’t get jokes,
and to the final insult, hoping that it will in fact be final,
to tie games, to crosses on your soccer card,
to people who step out of line, breaking rank,
and to the people who’d like to but can’t,
and, at last, I drink to all the people                                   
who have a right tonight to a toast                 
and who, in all of these, haven’t yet found their own.

from Erri De Luca, L’ospite incallito. Torino: Einaudi, 2008. 13-14.

Handbook for a New Year’s Eve Toast by Erri De Luca

Mantua by Erri De Luca (Italian-English)


Di nuovo a Mantova in settembre, tra cortili e piazze si celebra il capodanno dei libri.
Niente fuochi d’artificio ma incontri al pianoterra delle strade tra chi legge e chi scrive.
Da scrittore ricevo il piu’ bel premio letterario: la stretta di mano di chi ha amato una mia pagina.

Here I am, in Mantua again, where in September is the celebration of book’s New Year’s Eve.
No fireworks but meetings at the grounfloor of the streets between readers and writers.
As a writer I receive the best literary prize: a hand shake by a person who loved a page of mine.