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Enrico and…Montura! photo by Fabrizio Ruffo

Enrico and…Montura! photo by Fabrizio Ruffo

Enrico and...Montura!

Enrico Lo Verso and his first day of shooting…great emotions for all of us…

Stars work the night shift

Stars work the night shift

The short story by Erri De Luca, “Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle” (Stars work the night shift) will be soon a short movie: the film, directed by Edoardo Ponti, will be shot this summer in the magnificent landscape of the Dolomites of the Region of Trentino, in Italy. Interpreters are Nastassja Kinski and Enrico Lo Verso along with Erri De Luca himself in a short cameo.

It’s a story about a man and a woman. He is alone. She is married. Both mountaineers, both survivors of cardiac operation. He has in his chest the heart of a young woman, she has a mitral valve. A fate and a promise unites them . A short story where the rhythm of the heartbeat accelerates, to find at the end, a steady pace.

The film is co-produced by OH!PEN with the Trentino Film Commission, Montura and Pasta Garofalo, and with the support of Trentino Marketing and San Carlo. 

This summer, it will be an amazing “last-minute” vacation idea, to plan a new kind of trip, following Erri De Luca’s steps, being surrounded by the  breathtaking mountains of the Dolomites…let’s go!


And now…. a movie! Stars Do The Night-Shift

And now…. a movie! Stars Do The Night-Shift

Erri De Luca will be at the 60th edition of the Trento Film Festival on April 26th 2012 along with Adriano Giannini to present their short film, “Il Turno di notte lo fanno le stelle” (Stars Do The Night-Shift), based on one of De Luca’s recently published short stories.

It is a touching story about friendship between a man and a woman, their love for the mountains and yearning for a new life. It’s about the promise that a lonely man and a married woman make to each other while lying in a hospital ward after critical heart surgeries: one day they will climb the walls of the Vajolet Towers in the Dolomites to celebrate their recoveries and a new chance to life granted through medical procedures.

Erri De Luca has described “Stars Do the Night-Shift”, published as an e-Book by Feltrinelli just a few months ago, “a story/screenplay where each heartbeat has a never heard before sound.” The film will be directed by Adriano Giannini and acted by, among others, the legendary Nastassja Kinski (Paris, Texas).

The movie will begin principal photography  in July 2012, in the Dolomites mountains, Trentino. De Luca (whose bio you can read on this website) is not new to film.  He acted as himself in his screenplay  “Al di la’ del vetro” (Beyond the Glass), along with Isa Danieli.

“Stars Do the Night-Shift” is co-produced  by Oh!Pen, Ombla Productions,  Trentino Film Commission and Montura with the collaboration of Trentino Marketing Spa. The film is expected to be released in the Fall 2012.

As De Luca says, quoting his friend Izet Sarajlic, “who did the night shift to prevent the arrest of the heart of the world? We, the poets.”  Humanity and the importance of organ donation are at the “heart” of this movie.

Here we are, with Erri and Adriano: lots of work, but how wonderful it is! Ciao from Silvia and Paola.