Work in progress for our new Film Feature…

“The Crime of the Soldier”: a feature film based on the book by Erri De Luca, director Tbd. An elderly Nazi war criminal lives with his daughter, who is torn between duty and repulsion. He is convinced his only crime is defeat. She is not interested in accusations as she believes her father’s crime cannot be reduced to circumstances, or a historical moment. Together they go to a meeting set by the Jewish Kabbalah, where the terms “end” and “word” coincide. All because of the pages held by stranger in a tavern.
An Italy-USA co-production, shooting will take place in Italy, Austria and South America.


“I’ve decided to write about what has happened to me. It may do some good—for someone who understands all this better than me. I’m even hoping one day some reader will explain to me what it means. You see, when you’re part of a story, you’re tangled up inside, and you need an outside hand to straighten it all out.

            I’m committed to getting this right. If you want readers, that’s where you have to start. I’m not asking for a vote of confidence: it suits me better just to have my story heard. From my own experience as a reader, I know that at best a story can make us suspend disbelief.

            For me writing is like wearing high heels: I walk slowly, and unsteadily, and I tire quickly. There will be frequent interruptions, I’m sure.”

DE LUCA soldato

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